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Monitoring mind and body performance is at the heart of the growing quantified self trend. By 2017, 64 million wearable technology devices, with a focus on health and wellness, will be shipped globally. From wearable fitness trackers, relaxation and meditation enablers, sleep monitors, heart performance monitors and even smart watches and glasses, wearable consumer technology products represent a growing technological reality. MyndGazer has developed a unique way of linking real-time data from some of these devices to computer generated 3D abstract visualizations in such a way as to provide strong and intuative feedback to the user.


Imagine you are watching the ever-changing images produced by some classic music visualization software, say Winamp or iTunes visualizer, only these images are responding to changes in your brain waves in real time, rather than to music. Now imagine that this visualization is in 3D and you are perceiving it through a Virtual Reality headset - you are completely surrounded by it, immersed in it, present to it. As you focus your attention, the visualization changes around you, providing instant feedback and thus allowing you to practice staying attentive. As you meditate, placing your awareness on the changing images and relaxing, the visualization changes again and you instinctively learn to stay with that mind state, resting and open. That's the Myndgazer - our unique, patent pending, adaptive neurofeedback visualization application.

It's very simple, easy and instinctive.

Once you have learnt the classic techniques of calm abiding and insight meditation, you can easily meditate whilst using the MyndGazer and see how your state of mind effects the visualization in real-time.

What VR devices does MyndGazer support

MyndGazer supports the Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive and Android mobile phones in “Cardboard”-style holders. MyndGazer also works on desktop computers with mouse and keyboard controls. MyndGazer's device support is built on the WebVR API . As the WebVR API matures, and as WebVR-enabled browsers add support for additional devices MyndGazer will be updated to also support those devices.




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